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Tasty Meals LtD Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

salty Meals LtD Case Study - Essay ExampleTherefore, the profit margins of the company atomic number 18 high, and they owe the success of the business to the employees since the employees are the driving force of the company. Consequently, Tasty meals Ltd should increase their hourly rate wages to employees, and treat them well. The Philippines is one of the most be countries in the Middle East and the business tends to thrive in this market. Therefore, employees rescue a justification to get a pay rise and respectful handling from the authorities. 2. Should Tasty meals Ltd be held responsible for the problems caused by unhealthy junk foods and high--?calorie? Why or why not? (hint in a free market, clients have plenty of alternatives to Tasty meals Ltd to choose from) It is the corporate social responsibility of a company or organization to regard that it meets the requirements of its customers and deliver the appropriate services to clients. Therefore, scrumptious meals Ltd s hould be accountable for the problems caused by unhealthy junk food. In any business, the customer should come first because he or she is the heart of the business. Without a customer in place, the company is bound to fail or collapse. Therefore, the chain of restaurant should ensure that it delivers healthy foods by taking into account the health issues of its customers. Since it is widely know in the country based on its services and its products, the restaurant should ensure that it maintains its brand name by offering quality services. It should invest more in healthy foods and avoid junk, which is unhealthy. Obviously, customers have other alternatives to tasty meals but that does not justify the company providing unhealthy food to its customers. 3. Is it reasonable to solicit from Tasty meals Ltd to keep up a cost effective and Convenient use of disposable tableware and containers because it is considered being unfriendly to the environment? Why or why not? For a company suc h as tasty meals and especially in the hospitality industry, it is the prerogative of the company to ensure that it uses efficient disposable tableware. This ordain earn it an impeachable study, and it will attract many customers. In todays world, customers are highly sensitive to the operations of a company and tend to scrutinize its social and environmental responsibility. It is, therefore, reasonable to demand cost effective and convenient use of disposable tableware and containers from the restaurant. This will ensure a healthy and safe environment from its operations. 4. Is it reasonable to demand from Tasty meals Ltd to impose its code of conduct directives to the suppliers it works with if they are involved in illegal or unethical practices? Do you agree? Why (not)? Tasty meals Ltd should ensure that it maintains its brand name by ensuring that it is involved in good and legitimate practices. Therefore, it is reasonable to make demands from the restaurant to impose its cond uct directives to suppliers. This will ensure that advertising and marketing strategies gear towards creating positive awareness of the company. It must ensure that its suppliers are involved in legal and ethical practices to build on the reputation of tasty meals. The restaurant should withdraw services if it realizes that the suppliers are involved in illegal and unethical practices. 5. Overall do you consider Tasty meals Ltd complying with corporate ecesis principles? Can it be said that Tasty meals Ltd is an ethical and socially responsible Corporation? Tasty

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