Monday, September 23, 2019

Impacts of Terrorism on Global Events Literature review

Impacts of Terrorism on Global Events - Literature review Example Management issues involved The increasing terror threats demand the stakeholders enforce pragmatic management measures of dealing with the vice. These include enforcing preventive strategies and mechanism for mitigating the ultimate outcomes of terrorism. This project focuses on the impacts of terrorism on global events. It informs the stakeholders of the extensive effects terrorism has had on the sector in the past. To address these effects, I have used the second method of collecting data of past terror attacks targeting global events. I have examined the effects of terror attacks in 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the attacks at International cricket tournaments in Pakistan in addition to the impacts of September 11 attacks on the attendance of the FIFA World Cup. From the data collected, analyzed relevant themes pertinent to the study. (3c) Statement of the research question The impacts of terrorism on global events (3d) Aims and objective The aim of the study is to examine the eff ects of terrorism on global events. Objectives i. To examine the effects of terrorism on the motivation of tourists attending global events ii. To examine the effects of terrorism on attendance at global events. They were not only carried out in the territory of a global superpower but also by foreigners, who had previously gained entry into a sovereign state. The attack demonstrated the vulnerability of all countries to terrorism and the need to enforce preventive measures became apparent (Baxter and Downing, 2001). Since the attacks, immigration and movement of people across international borders are highly controlled and consequently, the organization of major global events such as sports and musical events was affected. (4a)The significance of hosting global events Events such as sports and music are increasingly becoming an important segment of tourism market (Yuan and McDonald, 1990). According to Bramwell (1998), countries across the world strive to organize global events in order to increase visitations in their countries, mitigate the seasonality of tourist visits and enhance the attractiveness of the destinations to tourism. In addition, organizing global event spurs development in the destination. The achievement of these goals depends on various factors but the numbers of people attending the events play a critical role (Sageman, 2004). Some of the major sports events that attract a high number of people globally include FIFA world cup, Olympic Games, UEFA champions league games, formula 1 racing among others. In addition, music and concerts featuring popular artists such as Live 8 attract numerous audiences across the globe. (4b) History of terror attacks on global events Due to the large number of people that global events attract, terrorists are increasingly targeting them (Toohey, et al 2003).

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