Friday, September 6, 2019

The HTML page Essay Example for Free

The HTML page Essay HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is a scripting language which is primarily used for building web pages (W3C. org, 2007). The language is an interpreted language and used extensively to build a standard website. The web pages are linked together using the features of the HTML alone where it creates hyperlinks to join pages. All these combined web pages are hosted to the internet and is registered under a domain that facilitates it to have an Internet Protocol address to access it over the internet domain. The HTML can be explained as follows: †¢ Hyper Text – It usually implies several variants of text that can be used for displaying information over the web page to the internet users. It can also embed objects like pictures, static and moving graphics and video in the web pages using the options available for its representation. †¢ Markup Language – It is called so as it belongs to the family of markup languages which puts or assigns tags to the text so that their representation is enhanced (, 2007). For example, representing text in paragraphs, tables and others. Internet browsers use the HTML in a very unique manner. The process is as follows: †¢ To generate a web page, a request for the page requires to be made. The IP address or the domain name is typed in the address bar and pressed enter. †¢ The request now travels across the network and hits the nearest DNS (Domain naming service) server where the domain name is resolved. †¢ The web page request is done at this moment. †¢ The HTML page once fetched is interpreted by the browser and displayed in the browser using the tags specified. †¢ The page layout is according to the instructions in the HTML source. Internet browsers provide an excellent facility to interpret the HTML page with the specified instructions. References W3Schools. com (2007). Retrieved 10, November 2007 from http://www. w3schools. com/html/html_intro. asp. W3C. org (2007). Retrieved 10, November 2007 from

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